Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday sewing

Today was another perfect day in Adelaide with lovely sunny spring weather.  Unfortunately my hubby had to work so I was home alone.

 I did a spot of Spring cleaning and pulled out all of my linen cupboard, sorted and refolded everything.  Discarding items like single and double bed sheets - too old for quilt backs, and as we only have queen beds in the house - no use to us.  Round table cloths, as I don't have a round dining table anymore, and other bits and pieces like this.  The cupboard looks amazing now, I even colour co ordinated all of the towels.

Once this was done, it was a spot of ironing and then I hit the sewing machine.

I made my next four farmers wife quilt blocks to honour my white rabbit list of 8 a month (or 2 a week) and as we are half way through September this is a tick of the list.

Here they are:
30. End of Day
31. Evening star

32. Farmer's Daughter

33. Farmer's Puzzle
My solid black jelly roll has arrived so I plan to start piecing bits of this quilt together, I also purchased a solid green (as in the green above- but without the pattern) to make the corner stones.  I think it will look quite dramatic and hopefully the black will make the bright colours pop. Stay tuned for a peek at this as I sew along.

UPDATE: Since my last post I have started to put the quilt together.  I will only do a few rows as I need more blocks and colours in the mix for it to look balanced but here it is so far, I am sooooo excited at how good it looks.  Kinda like a bag of licorice allsorts. 


  1. WOW loving your colour combo's and the lime is just divine xxx

  2. Your FW blocks look great.
    I've just awarded you with the Versatile Blogger Award. your blog is one of my favorite's.I love visiting it

  3. The Farmer's Wife blocks are beautiful Sue. The black sashing sets the blocks off so well.


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