Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mother in law to the rescue

I am so happy, I can sew again.  My dear mother in law Rina has loaned me her sewing machine while mine is in the reapair shop.  Its an old Pfaff, (about 30 years old), but still in remarkable condition. 

I have made one FWQA block on it and it finished 1/4 inch to small, as there is no 1/4 inch foot I was guessing the seam allowance.  I will presevere as thats not to bad overall on a block with lots of seams, and as I get used to the machine I am sure I will get better. 

It also does not have a blanket stitch so none of my applique will get done, but at least I can SEW again.


  1. What a relief. What a lovely MIL you have.

  2. Thanks heavens for MIL's... that was nice of her!
    Now you can "enjoy" again !!!! :)

  3. What a lovely mum-in-law!! Enjoy sewing on a machine again and give your fingers a rest. Happy stitching


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