Friday, September 30, 2011

keeping busy-

After losing a week with out a sewing machine, I have managed to catch up some lost time and complete a few more of my September while rabbit list.

I pieced together this Christmas table runner from blocks made in the Christmas swap group. from top to bottom, thanks to Shauna . Cathy and Cheryll for your blocks that contribute in this project. 

I have a few more planned, one with log cabins and another with Christmas trees so stay tuned for those.

As MIL's machine cant quilt - its all set to go when my machine is back.  Likewise, she does not have a blanket stitch on her machine so the Adelaide floral sample, and Henriette's whiskers BOM's will have to wait for my machine to come home.

But, I have also made some more ground on the FWQA blocks,  the plan is to do 2 a week, which is 8 for the month and I have managed to do 8 so on track with that project.  Here are the next 4
34. Flock

35. Flower Basket

36. Flower garden path

37. Flower pot
So in reality, the only tasks I did not complete were those I was unable to due to not having my sewing machine (quilting and blanket stitch), so I pretty happy with that.


  1. I hope you will have your sewing machine back soon. It certainly looks like you've been busy enough without it. I really like the Flower Pot block.

  2. Nice Table runner to use. Lovely way to use the swap blocks.
    Lovely Farmers Wife blocks.

  3. You've done very well for a woman without her tool of trade! Thanks for including my block too!

  4. Lovely FWQA blocks and your table runner is beautiful and festive.

  5. Lovely FWQA block. Block 34 flock is my favorite. Lucky you getting your machine back. this is the third week I have been without mine. Waiting on a part!


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