Thursday, September 1, 2011

Another Tote

I was showing off my new bag to the girls at work today, and my lovely PA Kate commented that she would love a bag like that.  So tonight, guess what I have done he he.

You guessed it (the heading kind of gave it away), I made a bag for Kate.  I didn't have enough of the moose print from saffron Craig left, but I did have some of their bird fabric.  And with a quick trip to Spotlight today to pick up some magnetic bag closures, I found some pretty complimentary fabric. 

Trouble with Spotlight is you always  "Spot" something else you like, so $100 poorer I left the store, with a new large cutting mat (they were 20% off) - great size for my new cutting table, some new fabric - just because, and some cute Australiana Christmas fat quarters. I intend to pop these into overseas swaps in the Christmas group as a little extra.

Anyhow, I know you are dying to see the bag, so here it is.

Hhhmm, I think I like Kate's bag better than mine.  And as I am now familiar with the pattern I made this up in half the time it took me to make the first one.

And here are the Christmas FQ's cute little gifts :)


  1. well done Sue and your workmate is going to love you,and the xmas fq's so cute.

  2. I can't beleive you made another tote in one night. Just gorgeous.
    I also have bought those Aussie fat Quarters but I got one with white cockatoos as well.

  3. What a lucky girl Kate is. The tote is wonderful. You're really a good and generous friend.

  4. Goodness me... you can'thave slept... do you need another PA????

  5. Oh wow, this bag is fabulous, I love the paisley fabric. Thanks for letting us know about the Fat Flats - I'll get some for OS swaps too.


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