Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Quilters are a special bunch

I have always found quilting ladies such giving people, we often slip little extras in with our block swaps, like a piece of fabric or ribbon.  And I would like to thank one such lady - new member Billy for her special gift.

Billy was my swap partner in the Christmas swap, and in my package she slipped in a package of Christmas charms, but I did not know this as the envelope had opened in transit and they had fallen out.  I commented on how sweet the little charms were that she had stitched on my block and she asked me if I had received the ones she had sent, which of course I did not. 

But look what arrived in the post today

My own replacement little package of charms.  Thank you so much Billy, a big quilted hugs to you xx
And a warm welcome to the 6 inch and 12 inch swap groups.

I have also been busy sewing more FWQA blocks this week and am up to block 17.  I am not sure where the group is up to, but I must be getting close to catching up.

I have redone block 14.  Butterfly at the Cross roads as I did not like the green I had used, plus it turned out a bit lopsided and not completely square.  I am much happier with the replacement block- below.

14. Butterfly at the Crossroads

15. Buzzards Roost

When I was posting this picture I noticed a mistake in block 16, so it looks like I have some unpicking to do.
The half square triangles should all lead out from the centre block so the two on the right side of the picture are wrong.  (GGrr). It looks like I just stitched that right hand side on back to front as the blue floral print also has the stems facing in, not out like all of the other three sides.  Funny how I only noticed this error now. 
16. Calico Puzzle
17. Cats & Mice
 Cats and mice is my favourite, it looks like a mint choc chip gelati, since I am doing the quilt in summery gelati colours its quite appropriate.

  What is your favourite gelati flavour. 


  1. Hello Sue,

    Billy is very generous to re-send the charms. Love the Butterflys at the crossroad block,very appropriate colours.
    Happy days.

  2. Such a lot of fabulous sewing and Billy is a sweetie to resend the charms. Everyone I have swapped with in your group has been fabulous.

  3. What lovley Christmas Charms. Very thoughtful of Billy to send them to you twice.
    Your blocks look good. Don't you hate when you have to reverse sew.

  4. Love all the fabrics you are using. Very pretty.

  5. some amazing blocks - awesome work! better to have noticed the mistake now then when you are on the quilting stage!!


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