Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lucky me, look what I got today

A few months a go, the hubby and I were at a dinner party at a friends house, and I was talking about my quilting. The friend told me she had a sewing table in the shed that she never used and would I be interested in it. 

I never gave it a second thought and Kara rang me today to say they were clearing out the garage and did I want to take a look at the sewing table.  So I popped on over, and to my delight it was not a Horn sewing table, but a Horn cutting table - exactly what I needed.

Here it is ( I fitted a corner table underneath for some extra shelving

And here is how it fits in with my other sewing table

And while I am showing you around my room, here is the other side of the room

I did also manage to get a little bit of sewing done this weekend.  I was reading up other quilters comments on the FWQA site, and a lot were talking about accuracy, block sizes etc.  Giving this some thought I decided to be harder on myself and more critical of the blocks I was making.  I firstly measured them all again (to check) and then I re- did a couple that were not quite right.

Here is the new bowtie (the red and green one). I think it looks much better it is than my original version.  The yellow square in the first one (made from quarter square triangles, was  not quite square, which then threw the whole block out a bit.  I love the bird fabric, but the block was lacking something.

I also re- did Block 9 "Box".

The new version is the one with the Fussy cut centre piece.
I also matched up the seams better .  I also decided to use a slightly different shade of blue as it matched the blue on the red cross better.

I am also planning to un pick and re do part of block 8 Bouquet, as I am not happy how the brown dot vase looks, I like the rest of this block, so its only a partial re do.  Quite a few ladies in the group commented on struggling to get this one the correct size, but mine is correct- just lucky I guess.

Today, I also tackled block 11, Broken Dishes.

I ended up making  this block twice as I was not happy with my first one.  In my second attempt I also used a different colour combo as the green was a bit to insipid. 

Its not perfect, but I can live with it.  Most of the points match and it measures 6 and a half inches, so I am happy.  Thats 11 down 100 to go !

Block 11- Broken Dishes
Finally this week, I did a little bit of stitchery. This cute pin cushion featured in Homespun magazine a couple of months ago, and I thought it was sweet.  I have also finished the stitchery for one in blue, but ran out of stuffing so that one is not finished yet.  The front features a blue bird (that I made red on this version "grin") and the reverse says. Happiness.  I am not sure if I will keep these or give them away as gifts.


  1. you have achieved a lot Sue,well done they all look great

  2. Lucky girl, your new cutting table is wonderful. FWQ blocks are some what a challenge, many of the templates are so tiny, but it's great when we get one finished, right?

  3. Great table.... it must work well since you have got so much done!! love all the blocks and Ihave those pincushions on my wish list... yours are lovely..

  4. Wow, you have been busy Sue. Isn't it amazing how one little error can just jump out at you everytime you look at the block. I think "I can live with that", but usually end up unpicking and doing it again! Incidentally, your re-organized sewing room looks terrific. How lucky that the cutting table fits perfectly

  5. awesome work all around! love the table, love the blocks and the stitchery!

  6. Such a lot of fabulous stitching. How fabulous to have a cutting table. Your sewing room looks great.


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