Monday, August 22, 2011

Getting my sewing Mojo back

As most of you (at this time of the year), I have been struck down with the flu.  I had planned to have the whole day Sunday to myself sewing, but instead found myself in bed feeling very miserable.

I managed to get through today ok, and snuck away from work an hour early and hip hip hooray, got some sewing done.

I am pleased to show of the next few FWQA blocks, but first here is a group shot of the first 21.

I am starting to think about what colour sashing to put between these, and am leaning towards a solid black with lime green cornerstones.  Any ideas appreciated

But for now here are the next few. I have photographed 17 again as this time the green came out more true to life, like a pistachio gelati.

17. Cats & Mice
 I made 18. twice, as I was not happy with the first one, I made the red diamonds in white with red and blue print, but it did not do the pattern justice as the centre needed to pop,

 I am much happier with the second one below.

18. Century of progress
19. Checkerboard

20. Churn dash
I need a few more vibrant blocks to compete with the purple one I made earlier, I had some of this Kaffe Fasset pink floral in my stash and love it in this block.

21. Contrary wife
 So, in 22 days, I have made 21 blocks  - I think I almost caught up the the blog group and only have 90 more blocks to make.  Looking at the group as a collection I also think I need more purple, and some orange, I have no orange yet.


  1. Sue you FW blocks look fabulous together.You are doing a great job.
    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. whow Sue your blocks look great,well done,and hope you are feeling better now.

  3. Those look fantastic.... surely the creativity has chased the flu away?

  4. The blocks are beautiful and hope you are feeling better soon. Sashing... hmmm, you could do black, cream or even a dark solid purple.


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