Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fiona quilt finished

I am pleased to announce another finish. Its always a good feeling when the last stitch is stitched on a quilt no matter how big or how small.  A feeling of accomplishment.

In an earlier post I showed the top of the Fiona quilt (from 3 times the charm book), that I have made for Jo at work who is expecting a baby girl in October. I have now quilted it and tonight hand stitched the binding.

 Next week is Jo's last week at work and we have a surprise baby shower morning tea planned for her so I had to get cracking on this one.

The quilt is made primarily using a charm square pack and is a simple pattern of 9 patch blocks alternated with square in square blocks.  The fabric is Sumptuous by Robyn Randolph, plus a pretty blue sprig I had in my stash between the blocks.

Dont you agree that the best part about making a quilt is seeing the persons face when you give it to them. 

On a closing note I purchased a lovely bunch of roses last Saturday at Woolies, they had been discounted to clear from $10 to $8. (bargain). But, within 24 hours most of them had dropped their little heads, but one still stands tall and proud.  Why do roses do that, any ideas on how to make them last longer.  I trimmed their stalks before I put them in the vase, but not sure what else I can do.  I dont seem to have this trouble with other cut flowers.


  1. what a beautiful quilt Sue,i am sure it will be well loved,sorry cant help with the flowers but that is 1 beautiful rose

  2. Pretty quilt. Always good to have a finish.

    Lovely rose. Does it smell nice????

  3. The Fiona quilt is beautiful Sue. I think Jo will be very thrilled. I usually put some sugar in the water with my cut flowers but I don't know if it makes a huge difference.

  4. lovely lovely quilt!! i am sure it will be treasured - and such a good use of charm squares

  5. amazing and lovely quilt. hugs from Italy


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