Monday, August 29, 2011

August almost over

Lets see, did I acheive all that I set out to do for August?  Pretty much.

I completed the top of the Its a Hoots charm square quilt,  here it is

All I need to do is pin, quilt and bind it so thats on the list for September

I completed (and gave) the Fiona Charm square quilt.
I completed block 8 of Henrietta's whiskers BOM

and I am up to date with the rest of the group in the FWQA so I can slow this down to 2 a week and concentrate on other tasks.

Here are the next few blocks

22. Corn and Beans

23. Country farm

24. Country path

25. Cups and saucers

26. Cut glass dish
I am not sure about corn and beans, I may remake that one, Cut glass dish was to date the most challenging block, getting all those little triangles to match up.  I am happy with the final result and there was not too  much unpicking thank goodness.

I honoured all of my swaps (being the co ordinator, it would be naughty of me not to), but alas, I did not get the Adelaide floral sampler block done.  There is still a few days left in August so lets see if I can tick that box too.


  1. You have done so well this month... the charm quilts are just lovely and all those blocks are fantastic .... lots of stitching....

  2. Sue your hoot quilt has come up a treat,well done and your blocks look fantastic

  3. All your FWQA blocks are awesome, but Country Path is a favorite - I love you fabric choices!

  4. Wow, you have really achieved a lot this month. I agree with Barbara, all your FWQA blocks are great but Country Path is spectacular.


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