Saturday, July 2, 2011

Thank you, Thanks and Thank you

I have received so many thank you cards from all of the ladies that I have been swapping with over the past 12 months or so, and I often wonder what do other ladies do with all of their thank you cards.

I love them all so much and cant bear to throw them away, but I am running out of places to put them,  I have some here

Some more tucked away here - and you can see my first ever (and only) Happy Halloween card from Mary

But most of them live here

By far the most unusual one is one of my very first from Crafty Pugs, made from wombat poo of all things, I have post cards from America and Canada and all sorts of pretty note cards. Some hand made and some purchased.  The most unusual hand made card was from the lovely Mary from Canada who sent me a hand painted wooden Christmas card.  Can you spot your card (sorry some do overlap others).

I am not a card maker, but I do give a lot of thought to the cards I buy, and love the pretty ones.  A few months back I stumbled on a box of cards with quilt pictures on them, some of you would have received them from me, but alas they are all used up.

My most recent purchase was cute Thailand cards, so they are the ones being sent out now.
On another note when I was editing this post I realised it was my 100th post.  Its amazing how fast the posts add up.


  1. yes i keep mine too Sue,i am going to put them in a nice box

  2. mine are piling up too... they are lovely to look back on..... 100 comes up quickly doesn't it... congrats


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