Sunday, July 10, 2011

Staying on track.

I am pleased to report a productive week in the sewing room.  Which is quite an achievement as Hubby and I have joined the new SA Aquatic centre that has just opened (its less than 1 km from home).  So far we have been swimming 4 times, and had our health and fitness assessment at the gym with one training session. This of course has eaten into my sewing time, and as I work full time 5 1/2 days a week, every minute of down time is precious.

I have made and posted my Christmas swap partner her block for July. (see this here)
I have also finished the applique on block 5 of the Adelaide floral sampler, so still have block 6 to do.

I have finished the applique on my Christmas wall hanging, here are the four very cute blocks.  I love the stripy socks that I have given Santa. I still have to hand stitch their eyes and smiles.

Then I need to quilt them, bind them and join them into a swag.  The pattern is called catch a falling star and it has timber stars strung between each mini quilt but I think I will make nice fat Christmas fabric stars instead - mainly because I have no idea where to get wooden stars from.

I have also joined the Christmas mug rug swap, so while I am in the Christmas spirit my task today is to make a start on that project, I have already some fabric and patterns in mind - very exciting.

I also wanted to share with you one of my favourite flowers, the Poppy. 

I love the way they POP out of their little buds, all crinkly and gradually open up, with the creases falling out as they do.  Their little stems look like hair legs to me.

When I purchased these from the florist yesterday afternoon, only one poppy was out,  and within 24 hours they have all but popped, I still have 5 in bud.  The nice surprise is you also don't know what colour they will be until they open, I have so far some creamy whites, soft peachy pinks one bright orange and quite a few daffodil yellows.  So cheerful on a gloomy winters day.


  1. sounds like a great idea Sue having the gym so close and how organised do you sound,well done

  2. Sue i love your xmas blocks and is the xmas mug rug swap still open?

  3. love the appliques - they look great! and i also love poppies! they are just a beautiful and different flower i reckon

  4. I just LoVe the chrissy blocks.. they are CUTE!
    Nice pretty blog background too!


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