Sunday, July 31, 2011

Its a HOOT- another grand daughter. + FWQA started

I am very excited to announce that my son Jarrod and his wife Kat (Kathryn), are expecting a baby girl in December.  So Leo is going to be a big brother.  And what kind of Nana would I be if this little girl did not receive her very own quilt.

So, I picked up this lovely cute Its a Hoot charm square pack, and some co ordinating fabric to make something special for her. 
Her cousin Paige (one of the twins) is very excited to have a girl cousin as at the moment she is out numbered with 2 brothers, (Mitchell and twin Connor), and two boy cousins, (Leonardo and Jack).

I am also pleased to show off the first three Farmers wife blocks, (FWQA)  but actually its block number 1, 2 and 4 as I ran out of time yesterday to make block 3. 
But before I show them I have to show this example of what NOT to do.

The Farmers wife quilt comes with a CD of printable templates to cut onto templastic to use to make the blocks.  I thought I would be clever, and save time and just measure the blocks and cut the fabric out to size.
Look what happened - and then I had to make the block again, this time being a good girl using the templates, the second time I decided to use a fussy cut centre

So, this is block #1

Attic windows

Block 2
Autumn Tints
Block 4

Basket weave
July to do list - done!!

I have one more Adelaide floral sampler quilt to make for July to complete all of my July tasks, so that is my first job today.  Then I will do block 3 of the farmers wife quilt.

  1. Its a Hoot charm square quilt
  2. Finish the Fiona charm square quilt
  3. Block 8 of Henriette's whiskers free BOM
  4. Block 7 of the Adelaide floral sampler BOM
  5. Make at least 3 Farmers wife blocks per week
  6. Make my August Christmas swap block
  7. Make my August 6 inch swap blocks
I certainly am going to be busy!


  1. Congrats on the upcoming grandie girl... what a wonderful reason to make a new quilt....
    Great blocks...

  2. Oh how nice to be a Nana again to a little girl. Love your choice of fabrics for her quilt.
    You are doing a great job of your FW blocks. I still have not started my DJ so won't buy this book.
    I can't wait to get home and get back into sewing.

  3. congrats Sue and love the fabric for her quilt and yes you are going to be busy

  4. Another baby in your family - how wonderful. I love your choice of fabric.


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