Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I cant comment :(

As we all do, I love to read every ones blogs and catch up on all of the gossip.  I don't necessarily comment on every single one, but do comment here or there on something amusing, or delightful that catches my attention.  However,  lately I have been having trouble commenting, has anyone else?

I log into my blogger, then merrily read blogs, and when I go to post the comment it gives me a message to say sorry unable to complete request.  I have never had this before, and it is not on every blog, I can comment on some but not others, and these are blogs I follow and have commented on in the past - very strange and frustrating

Any ideas on how to resolve my dilemma.


  1. well, i thought i would have a go at commenting here then :) i guess if you can read this then it worked!! :) i find blogger a bit temperamental - i sometimes can't post, can't put in photos etc....so it may just be one of those things!

  2. Sue when you sign into blogger have you ticked

    Stay Logged in

    If so untick it and that sems to work. only anniying thing is you need to sign in each time.

    Good luck

  3. Hi Sue... how frustrating... I did have that problem soem time ago but now do what Maria above has suggested and no problems... I have also seen people recommend 'clean your cache and cookies' - I have no idea what that means....


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