Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fabric folding - well on its way

I am pleased to report 2 things, 

1. I have successfully folded all of my fabric stash larger than a fat quarter onto comic backing boards
2. I have more fabric than I realised that I ever had.

Its quite an experience to dig into your bins of fabric and find bits and pieces purchases long forgotten, but now its all on display just like a mini quilting shop.

Last night I was up to well past midnight and look what I achieved.

Thank goodness for Ikea furniture, this bookcase has been transformed.  In the top section I have all my folded fabric, nicely lined up and colour co ordinated and grouped (nursery fabric, Christmas fabric, dots all together etc).

This photo was taken part way through the process as I was sorting it all into piles.

Here is a close up of it on the shelving, doesn't it look lovely.  It was quite pleasant to revisit each piece of fabric and fold, press and pat it before nicely folding it on the cards.

Here is where my Jelly rolls, charm squares, layer cake and Bali pops live.

The top of the book case is the ideal size for a cutting mat.  Not good for cutting large amounts of fabric for a quilt, but great for making quilt blocks, or paper piecing.

I purchased these lovely boxes - the large one stores my UFO's, the middle one is felt and selvidge strips and the little one is home to all my lovely thank you cards.

Now, all I have left to tackle is my three trays of fat quarters, I have the whole weekend off so guess what I will be doing.


  1. Wow Sue you have made a great difference. It looks lovely- just like a fabric shop. I love folding and touching my fabric- it is therapeutic. Have a lovely weekend with your fat quarters.

  2. Sue they look fantastic you do look like a patchwork shop,well done

  3. Your efforts have really paid off! It's nice to see all the fabrics standing at attention ready for work...

  4. It all looks so nice and oraganized! Good job!!

  5. Sue, I love it... It totally looks like a quilt shop. Do you want to fly to Canada and organize my sewing room??? I buy and hide that is my game, just so hubby does not see what I all have but I keep forgetting what I have then I rebuy the same thing... Well maybe this weekend I will be doing the same thing. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. WOW Sue looks so good and so organised... this is something I will be in my new sewing room in my new home in the new future hahaha which will be soon I hope xxx

  7. It looks fantastic... all that work is worth it....

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