Thursday, June 2, 2011

Less productive :( this week.

Life has got in the way of quilting, as we have been so busy trying to wind up for our holiday to Thailand.

I managed to get (sort of), a few of my to do list done, but I have almost finished my packing.

Henrietta's Whiskers block is completed, just the hand stitching details to do

My scarf is 2/3rd of the way done (3 balls in the pattern and I am part way through the 3rd ball

And Connors quilt is on the sewing machine, about 1/3rd of the ditch quilting done.

I don't think I will get time to complete any of these 3 things before I leave on Saturday so they are on my to do list for my first week home.

I also purchased this book this week,

This is to practice my newly acquired skills of foundation piecing.  It has one pattern for each day of the year, some of them quite daunting with the tiniest of pieces, others look simple enough.  Stay tuned to the block swaps as I will take every opportunity to use these patterns.


  1. The bow on your Henrietta block looks great.
    Seems your projects will need to wait.I hope to have my Jacobs Ladder quilt finished for when you get home too.That is also under my machine.

    Your foundation book looks like fun. Be nice to see some of your blocks.

  2. love the look of the new book! hope you get everything organised as you need too - have a great time away


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