Sunday, May 22, 2011

It pays to Plan

Last week I showed off my finishes and set a plan of the work that I wanted to complete in the following  week. I am pleased to say having the plan has kept me on track and I achieved all of the items on my to do list

I (all but) finished block 4 of Michelle Hills The Adelaide flower collection.  As you can see I have not put the scrolls on block 3 or block 4.  This was a suggestion from the lovely lady in the quilt shop.  That I complete all blocks and add the scrolls at the end to ensure that they are lined up with each other (good hint).  Just in time as block 5 arrived in the mail this week.

I also completed block 4 of the free online BOM Henrietta's Whiskers.  So now I am almost up to date with the only outstanding block in this being Mays block. 

I also made my 2 six inch blocks for my May partner Susan, who's request was butterfly in Batik fabrics.  If you would like to see these blocks pop on over to the 6 inch group to have a look.

Lastly (today) I pinned Connors Born to be Wild Quilt.  I read on many blogs that pinning a quilt is the least favourite part of making one and I have to agree.  I have a little WIP pile, and I have to confess the quilt tops are all done, its just the pinning and quilting still to do.  I don't mind the quilting (now I have my lovely Bernina) but the pinning - yuk.  Poor Connor is almost 3 months old and still waiting for his quilt.  So I will get to work with some quilting later today.

And now onto my plan for week 4.  Well, of course there is block 5 of Adelaide floral sampler and Henrietta's whiskers.  As well as quilting Connors quilt. 

On a different note seeing all the lovely knitting on everyone else's blogs has got my fingers twitching so when I was in Spotlight yesterday I picked up 3 balls of wool to make a scarf. 

Knitting is something I love to do while watching TV as I don't need to concentrate as much as you do on stitching. (unless you are knitting an intricate pattern.  When I was younger I was quite a prolific knitter and used to knit jumpers on consignment for a shop in Adelaide. 


  1. Sue you have acheived a lot well done,and i love Conner's quilt

  2. Such a lot of lovely work done Sue... I also find it helpful having a list.... Connors quilt is lovely and I really like the Adelaide flowers... very striking..

  3. You have worked a lot this past week. I love the baby's quilt. I too used to be a good and fast knitter in my college times but nowadays my needles are totally out of work.Maybe I'll try again.

  4. Way to go Sue... you did achieve lots this week! Love ALL your work too! Well Done!

  5. Sue, I was down on the floor this morning pinning a quilt, yikes that is so uncomfortable for this old lady. : )

    Love the child's quilt, too cute.



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