Sunday, May 1, 2011

Here are a few of my favoutite things

I love tulips, there is something about the smooth perfect lines of a tulip, and the gorgeous colours they come in.  I cant but help buy a bunch when they are in season.

After taking this photo,  I realised I was being watched

And look how little seedlings of pansies and violas have grown

And somebody needs to tell the jonquils that there is still a long wait till spring

And who didnt love the Royal wedding

The office where I work is a converted church, fondly called the Abbey.
We celebrated in style with tiarias and champagne
I am closest to the camera, Dh took the pic.
This is the big screen we watched it on,
In case you are wondering my desk is the far left back corner, a very beautiful office to work in.


  1. Like you I just LOVE tulips. I think it because I was born in Holland.Actually I love all bulbs.
    thanks for sharing your lovely flowers.

  2. Lovely flowers.... and glad you had such a fun time for the wedding....

  3. I think your flowers are gorgeous and your lil' spies are adorable. Didn't you just love Kate's dress??? I thought it was super classy.


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