Sunday, May 8, 2011

Foundation piecing

I have always been intruiged by the mystery of foundation piecing and admire in anguish the beautiful blocks and perfect points that are acheived by this method of making blocks. 

I have read book after book, instruction after instruction and it might as well as been written in Martian for all I could understand. Then a light bulb came on.  I could see if there was a video tutorial in the wide world of the internet.

I found several, some not so easy to understand, some only teasing, (to see the whole bit your order the dvd), and some with simple instructions happily supplied free for all to view by friendly sharing quilting ladies like us.

After watching a few of these, and getting the idea I put the method into practice and have made a couple of practice blocks.  The first one is a twist on the basic pinwheel and I decided to do this one in Christmas colours.  There were a few challenges (pieces back to front), and a lot of unpicking until it all started to make sense.

Next I tried a more abstract block featuring hearts - just using scraps. 

I think I finally have the hang of this and will start to try a few more of the challenging stars - I cant wait to experiment more.

On a more important note it is Mothers Day in Australia today, so wishing all the mums out there a very Happy day.

My daughter Sheree took me out for lunch at Holdfast Shores (Marina) for lunch.  The sun was shining and mums and their families were out in droves.  We had delicious tapas at  Greek restaurant with a glass of fine wine.

Holdfast Shores restaurant precinct.
I wear more than one mother hat,

I am a Mother
Step Mother
Mother in Law and


  1. Well done sue with the foundation piecing. It is a method I do not like myself.Too fiddlely.
    What a lovely place to go to lunch. Pleased you had a nice day.

  2. lovely blocks Sue and glad you had a great mother's day


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