Saturday, April 16, 2011

New goodies for my sewing room

I have given my sewing room a bit of a face lift of sorts.

I decided that it was time to recover my design wall.  it was basically an old pin up board from the office, covered in a faded old grey felt hessian.  I stripped that and covered it with some cheery striped canvas that I had bought to make some patio cushion's with (but never got around to making).  I then used some sewing tape on the corners to make spots to slide under bits of paper and cards etc.

My clever son in law came over and helped me out with the use of his staple gun, and he is going to mount this on the wall for me, as it rests on the ground so I never really use the lower half.

The other clever idea I had was to get a large piece of chip board, pad it with left over quilt batting and cover this as an ironing board extension.  I often find the blocks are too wide for my ironing board and when doing applique it can get tricky to get the design nicely centred.  Again the staple gun came in handy to cover this.

I also used a heavy duty upholstery fabric to cover it, I don't know about you but I seem to have to but a new cover for my ironing board several times a year, this should help that, and the fabric should be stronger to withstand the heat.


  1. Both projects look fabulous. Love the Strippy pin up board and the idea for a specila board is great.
    I often see in US blogs they have a big ironing board. Like a table top. Bit big for my sewing room. So this is good.

  2. what a great idea Sue and it looks fantastic,well done

  3. Hi Sue.... so the board is done... excellent.... I love the idea of an 'extended' ironing board..... mmmm.... I'll tell Tall Handsome about it.....


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