Sunday, April 3, 2011

BLaNkEtS of LoVe

As many of you may have read (if you follow Cherylls blog) she is campaigning for Blankets of Love for the John Hunter Children's Hospital in Newcastle NSW.

Here is the link to the Blankets of Love page where you can read all about Cherylls mission and the worthy work she is doing.

Being the proud Grand mother of 5 healthy grand children, making these blankets is my way of giving thanks to this.  I intend to make one blanket for each Grand child that I am blessed with.

These are the first two that I have made this weekend.  As I was stitching them my thoughts were with the poor families that have lost a little one at birth or shortly thereafter. 


  1. I am sure your wee quilts will be greatly appreciated Sue.
    Like you I have four healthy granndies and now one Great granndie.

  2. Thank YoU Sue... so very much! It will be greatly appreciated I can assure you. It's just a shame that they are needed! :(

  3. lovely sue - well done! healthy babies are certainly something to give thanks for


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