Thursday, April 28, 2011

My towel toppers

Here are the 2 towel toppers that I have
made for Charyl's Lets exchange swap.

This month you have to also include a no fail recipe so I have a few to choose from and ponder over the next few days.

I decided to do two different tops, both in a country theme as you can make two of these out of one hand towel.

Now I have never made these before so I googled some patterns and still did not see anything I really liked, I took a close look at the couple I have (that I cant wait to replace) that I have purchased at craft fairs many moons ago, and designed my own.

The first one was easy as I had a fat quarter of a country print, ideal for fussy cutting all cute bits and pieces and one section was a window looking out to quilts on a line, perfect for a quilting friend.  I finished it off with a cute red tea pot button.

The second towel has a quilted top, using an abstract chicken print I made a saw tooth star with a creamy beige check background and put a ric rac trim along the bottom. I didn't have any novelty buttons that matched this one so I used a timber look button.

They are not perfect, and if I ever have to make these again I know where I went wrong (and had to unpick )and can do better, but for my first attempt, without a pattern I am quite pleased with how they turned out.
I hope my partner thinks so too.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Loving charm squares

I recently purchased this lovely book titled 3 times the charm.. All of the patterns in here are by Barbara Groves and Mary Jacobson, better knows as me and my sister designs.

There are 7 patterns, each made using 3 different charm square packs. 

I have quite a few charm squares tucked away in my stash, and today I decided to have a play around with one of them using a pattern in this book.  My daughters boss is expecting a baby girl in a few months so I made one that will be a gift for her baby.  I still have to put the borders on, quilt and bind it but thought I would show it off so far.

It looks quite simple, but in fact it was quite a challenge getting all of the strips lined up.  I will be using a border of one of the white prints that is featured in the charm pack.   The original pattern does not have the white (peeper) border around this centre panel but I wanted to frame it.
The name of the pattern (in the book) is Dora, but I have renamed my version baby windows.
The fabric I have used in my design is Lovely by Sandy Gervais for Moda.  Its lots of pretty sprigs of flowers, the charm pack also features some checks and stripes but I only used the florals as the quilt only needed 25 squares.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hot pad swap

Terri was my partners in Cherylls Lets exchange swap, and the swap for March was Hot pads (for placing hot items like casserole dishes) on the table.

Here is the lovely hot pad that arrived in the post today. 

It goes perfectly with my love of all things blue and white, 
 now to enjoy that lovely cup of Earl gray tea before it gets cold....

Stylish blog award

Thank you to Tarnyia for nominating my blog for this award.  Now as a recipient of this award I have to tell you 7 things about me, and nominate 6 bloggers.
Its so hard to pick just 6 out of all my lovely friends, as you all deserve this award.

But the blogs I nominate are:

7 things about me:

1. I have two children, (Sheree and Jarrod), 2 step children (Jessica and Nicole) and five grandchildren (Mitchell, Leonardo, Jack, Paige and Connor) -  (with another still to be hatched)
2. I was born in England but moved to South Australia when I was 5
3. I love chocolate - so Easter is a particularly fond time of the year
4. I work in Real Estate (rentals), and have done so for 19 years.
5. I used to be a marching girl for 20 years
6. I have 2 dogs, Billy the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Robbie the Bichon Freise
 7. I have one cat - Josephine, who only answers to puss puss.


Leo (and Billy)


Saturday, April 16, 2011

New goodies for my sewing room

I have given my sewing room a bit of a face lift of sorts.

I decided that it was time to recover my design wall.  it was basically an old pin up board from the office, covered in a faded old grey felt hessian.  I stripped that and covered it with some cheery striped canvas that I had bought to make some patio cushion's with (but never got around to making).  I then used some sewing tape on the corners to make spots to slide under bits of paper and cards etc.

My clever son in law came over and helped me out with the use of his staple gun, and he is going to mount this on the wall for me, as it rests on the ground so I never really use the lower half.

The other clever idea I had was to get a large piece of chip board, pad it with left over quilt batting and cover this as an ironing board extension.  I often find the blocks are too wide for my ironing board and when doing applique it can get tricky to get the design nicely centred.  Again the staple gun came in handy to cover this.

I also used a heavy duty upholstery fabric to cover it, I don't know about you but I seem to have to but a new cover for my ironing board several times a year, this should help that, and the fabric should be stronger to withstand the heat.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Has any one heard of Etsy ?

I have just heard about ETSY,

Its a website, kind of like ebay but better.  People buy and sell their wares on there and I have just purchased some custom made quilting labels (which I will use on softies and gifts like hot pad swaps), as well as some mailing labels.

There was also some lovely fabric for sale at bargain prices, take a look at what I bought !

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Baby ducks mobile

As I was stitching the little ducks quilt for the twins I came up with an idea to make a simple mobile using some of the left over fabric.  I simply drew an out line of a duck on paper and used this as my template.  Stitched the 2 sides together and added a wing on each side with a button.  I then stitched an eye with a french knot and joined them all together with a sparkly silver ribbon ( I made 4 in total).

I then put a silver ribbon around their necks as they needs a bit of dressing up.

I think they are cute, dont you agree?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

BLaNkEtS of LoVe

As many of you may have read (if you follow Cherylls blog) she is campaigning for Blankets of Love for the John Hunter Children's Hospital in Newcastle NSW.

Here is the link to the Blankets of Love page where you can read all about Cherylls mission and the worthy work she is doing.

Being the proud Grand mother of 5 healthy grand children, making these blankets is my way of giving thanks to this.  I intend to make one blanket for each Grand child that I am blessed with.

These are the first two that I have made this weekend.  As I was stitching them my thoughts were with the poor families that have lost a little one at birth or shortly thereafter.