Friday, March 11, 2011

Pretty plantings

Last weekend I stripped all of my spindly petunias out of the pots in my  back yard and potted some new winter colour. 

I love the pretty pansies, and violas.  And look closely and you can see the bulbs poking their little heads up, crazy since its the beginning of autumn not spring.  Lets see what happens with those fellows.


  1. I just love Pansies. Yeh ! What is that . I have fressiers come up already.

  2. Pansies have the color of tie-dyed fabric....or batiks...lovely

  3. I have always loved pansies! It's almost time for ours to be taken out over here with the heat starting to arrive.

  4. Hey Sue... the slideshow looks great! Glad to be of some help!
    Love the pretties too!


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