Sunday, March 6, 2011


Way back in September 2011 I accepted from Crafty Pugs to be part of a Pay it forward concept.  By joining, Crafty Pugs has to make me a gift within 12 months, and to Pay it forward I had to put an offer on my blog to make 3 gifts, and in turn each of those three had to make three gifts and so on. 
My first taker was Leona in Florida and she loved the Hoot that I featured on my blog and wanted me to make her one of those, and as it was just before Christmas I made her a Christmas Hoot and posted it off with some lovely South Australian choccies. 
My two other PIF recipients Gina from UK and Marie J from Victoria both left it up to me to chose their gifts and I was leaning towards a table runner until I saw a pattern in Homespun magazine for a Sewing machine mat. 

I ended up making one for me to, as I thought it was a great way to have all your bits and pieces so handy.
I will be popping these gifts in the mail next week, I hope the ladies like their gifts.

OOps, I have just been reading old posts to get the date of when I entered this challenge and some how I missed the comment from Bobbie to also be a PIF recipient, so Bobbie, I will get cracking to make you a gift to.  I am so sorry that I missed this comment when you left it.


  1. Oh how cute and what a coincidence!
    You know that I have rescued and cared for a little Owl that fell from its nest and now you are giving me this one for keepsake!
    Thank you so much Sue
    warm wishes

  2. Great work Sue! very useful gift... so I'm sure they will love it!


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