Sunday, March 27, 2011

Born to be wild - applique complete

This afternoon I have been a busy girl.  Firstly I got all the block swap partners emails out (as you can imagine that process can take some time), and since then I have been hidden in my sewing room getting the last 2 blocks appliqued in Connors Born to be Wild quilt.  While this is been going on I have some lamb shanks in the slow cooker so the aroma from the kitchen is Divine.

So here is a pic of the block layout, next I have to join them together (with coloured blocks in between), then its borders, quilting and binding.  So the time consuming (and fun part) is completed.

The kettle has just boiled, time for a nice cuppa and then I better take the dogs to the park as they have been looking at me with gloomy faces as its sunny outside and they have not been out to enjoy it.

HHmm, and when I get back, its more sewing.

Catch ya later :)


  1. you have been a busy bee Sue you have achieved alot today ,well done,

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  3. They look gorgeous... and the whole quilt is going to look fantastic... you have been such a busy busy girl and I can smell those shanks here in WA yummo xxx

  4. Can't wait to see that gorgeous colourful quilt put together. Lucky Connor.

    Hope you and the dogs enjoyed your walk.

  5. I am just loving Connor's quilt. Can not wait to see the borders on it.


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