Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shabby Stars on the way

If you are a member of my quilting block swaps Australia group you may have seen the post about this fabulous quilt, made partially by me, but also by some of the lovely ladies who I swap with.

I can't wait to get this one quilted and on my bed, and as always I over purchased fabric for the backing and binding so I think I will make a couple of star cusions to go with it. -

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Born to be wild - applique complete

This afternoon I have been a busy girl.  Firstly I got all the block swap partners emails out (as you can imagine that process can take some time), and since then I have been hidden in my sewing room getting the last 2 blocks appliqued in Connors Born to be Wild quilt.  While this is been going on I have some lamb shanks in the slow cooker so the aroma from the kitchen is Divine.

So here is a pic of the block layout, next I have to join them together (with coloured blocks in between), then its borders, quilting and binding.  So the time consuming (and fun part) is completed.

The kettle has just boiled, time for a nice cuppa and then I better take the dogs to the park as they have been looking at me with gloomy faces as its sunny outside and they have not been out to enjoy it.

HHmm, and when I get back, its more sewing.

Catch ya later :)

Swapping pledge

I, Sue pledge to do my very best and have integrity and honesty in my
swap commitments.
To be on time, every time,
to participate in discussions and to communicate if I am going to be late or unable to complete my obligations to my swap partner.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Born to be Wild. - next 3 blocks done

I really love doing Childrens applique.  It so much fun with all the bright colours and cute animals and shapes that you can create.

Here are the next 3 blocks in the Born to be wild quilt for Connor.  I have not given some of the critters eyes or finer details yet as that is the hand sewing at the end of the project, but loving how its coming together so far.

Elephant on a motor scooter

Lion and Giraffe

Hippo Ice cream vendor

Monday, March 21, 2011

Born to be Wild.

As you have seen I have finished Paige's quilt,
At the bottom of the garden.

But we cannot forget her younger twin brother Connor can we? 

Conner was born 45 minutes after Paige, but is the bigger of the twins. 

Last night I made a start on his quilt
" Born to be Wild". 

 Here is the completed centre panel, its so cute. 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I have been a busy girl

Isn't it wonderful when you can have an indulgent day of sewing.  Lucky me didn't have to work this week end so thats exactly what I have been doing.

I have participated in the lovely Cheryll's

swap for heat pads and was lucky enough to have 2 swap partners, Terri who is a member of quilting block swaps Australia, and a new friend. Ruth from Illinois in the USA.

Terri was happy enough to receive a heat pad in any colours so I took the opportunity to use up some of my tea cup prints that I have been collecting matching it with some cherry print.  I reminds me of a cherry ripe chocolate bar.  I did  a simple quilt of a double cross.
My US swap partner Ruth requested her pad to be in browns and yellows and I decided on a Shoo fly centre in some lovely rich chocolate floral with a yellow and brown fan print to compliment this.  I did a fussy cut floral centre which I quilted around and then quilted Flowers on the side panels and in the ditch on the centre piece.

My other finish this weekend is the Bottom of the Garden quilt by Teddlywinks.  I first purchased this pattern about 2 years ago after seeing the pattern featured in a quilting magazine,  I started making it in anticipation of having a Grand daughter.

As followers of my blog would know we were blessed with  3 Grandsons, Mitchell in Dec 2009.  Leo in May 2010 and Jack in September 2010.  So the quilt got put on "ice" in favour of boy themed quilts.  Mitchell received little Maccas farm and both Leo and Jack received Noah's Ark.

Then the twins arrived in February and we have our little girl Paige so now I had someone to finish the quilt for.  The body of the quilt was put together and I had even quilted it.  The only finishing touches I had to make was the three dimensional folded flowers, which I finished last night.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Something scrappy

Like most quilters I have scrap bins overflowing with remnants from previous quilting projects.

I try to be organised and have my strips into 2 bins, 2.5 inch ones, which consist of unused scraps from jelly rolls and quilt bindings.  The other bin contains 1 inch and 2 inch scraps as well as selvidges.

I often admire the array of scrappy quilts made by fellow quilters out of left over scraps and decided to start one of my own using the strip scraps.

I decided to make colour co ordinated block by sewing the strips together randomly.  I have trimmed these into 8 inch blocks.  This will be a WIP as I work through my scrap bins.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Adelaide floral sampler - block 2

A long weekend is a great way to spend time with family and friends and we did just that to celebrate a friends 50th with a lovely picnic in the park with a shared picnic lunch and volley ball games.

But a long weekend is also great for getting lots of sewing jobs accomplished and I managed to finish four star blocks (2 each) for  both of my swap partners in the new 6 inch block swap group as well as completing the applique on my Adelaide floral sampler block 2.  Just in time as block 3 is due in my letterbox any day now.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Pretty plantings

Last weekend I stripped all of my spindly petunias out of the pots in my  back yard and potted some new winter colour. 

I love the pretty pansies, and violas.  And look closely and you can see the bulbs poking their little heads up, crazy since its the beginning of autumn not spring.  Lets see what happens with those fellows.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Way back in September 2011 I accepted from Crafty Pugs to be part of a Pay it forward concept.  By joining, Crafty Pugs has to make me a gift within 12 months, and to Pay it forward I had to put an offer on my blog to make 3 gifts, and in turn each of those three had to make three gifts and so on. 
My first taker was Leona in Florida and she loved the Hoot that I featured on my blog and wanted me to make her one of those, and as it was just before Christmas I made her a Christmas Hoot and posted it off with some lovely South Australian choccies. 
My two other PIF recipients Gina from UK and Marie J from Victoria both left it up to me to chose their gifts and I was leaning towards a table runner until I saw a pattern in Homespun magazine for a Sewing machine mat. 

I ended up making one for me to, as I thought it was a great way to have all your bits and pieces so handy.
I will be popping these gifts in the mail next week, I hope the ladies like their gifts.

OOps, I have just been reading old posts to get the date of when I entered this challenge and some how I missed the comment from Bobbie to also be a PIF recipient, so Bobbie, I will get cracking to make you a gift to.  I am so sorry that I missed this comment when you left it.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Not so shabby

I have been fabric shopping, I get so carried away and want to buy it all.  I have decided the time has come to collate all of my shabby chic pink and green stars into a quilt, and was on the hunt for sashing, border and backing fabric.

So today I visited my favourite patchwork shop, Hettie's Patch,  Lorraine and the ladies are always so helpful and have a gorgeous array of fabrics to chose from.  I have gone for the ever popular roses in a strip for a border, an all over for a second border with a lovely soft green for the sashings, peeper border and binding and a very soft pink for the backing (it was in the half price bin and we all love a bargain).

Sadly, not all of the beautiful blocks that I have received will make it into this quilt, but they will be safely tucked away for a future one. 

Its not because I don't love them, so when you see the finished quilt please don't be disheartened if your block to me does not feature in it.

Here is a snapshot of the blocks