Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Home today - so sewing room here I come

I have been to the dentist this morning to have a tooth pulled out.  Apparently I am a tooth grinder (in my sleep) and I have cracked a tooth and it cannot be saved.  So this morning I visited the dentist to have it removed.   (ouch).

In preparation for a day at home I visited Spotlight yesterday after seeing the lovely spotty fabric that Samelias mum featured on her blog.  I have 2 projects to make for my PIF recipients and this is perfect for the job, along with some osnaburg and a lovely bird house print ( with a few bits from from my stash).

So after catching up on a few emails, reading a few blogs its off to the sewing room.  I cannot speak, I cannot eat or even drink coffee so I have to entertain myself somehow.


  1. Take care Sue ........ no coffee!!!! Nooooo!

  2. I absolutely hate going to the dentist. Hopefully you will be able to have that cup of coffee soon!

  3. look after yourself - dentists - yuck! hope the pain is going very soon and you are back to normal. i am currently eating the panda chocolate that you sent is really yummy! sorry about that - not trying to rub it in ;)

  4. Dentist...Big yuck.I hope you doing better today.

  5. Ah you poor thing, it sounds aweful. all the best. Love those fabrics you picked out!


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