Sunday, February 6, 2011

Finally - some time to sew

Hi everyone, I have just managed to catch up on the quilting swap site with reading posts from of you, I have not had a minute to myself all week and often get behind with this.

As for sewing, I was beginning to think my sewing room was lost to me, but today I have a blissful day planned of not leaving this room.   I have 3 swaps to make this month for my lovely ladies, one for the Christmas swap with the  Brigette in Canada , One with my swap group with Tarnyia and one with new member of group 2 Lynette as I am helping Alex out with a swap until her membership numbers grow.  If all goes to plan I will get these done today.  There is also a pile of ironing to do (groan), but perhaps I can do a pillow case or two (or maybe not).

I also still have to make something for Gina and MarieJ my 2 remaining PIF recipients  I have the pattern and fabric all ready to go, all I need is time.  Sshh, what I am making them is a surprise.  My first PIF recipient was Leona, and I managed to get Christmas Hoot to her in time for Christmas with some lovely SA chocckies.  (see earler post).

Then, If i have time left I can make some more ducks, I have made 14 so far and I need 20, these are quick and easy to construct.  The twins are due March 18th but we expect Jessica to go early so I need to get cracking on this one to.

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  1. You are a very busy quilter! And it sounds like twin grands are on the way soon!!!! Adorable duck blocks.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and becoming a follower - do drop by often!


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