Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I first posted this a while back and only have one taker so far- Leona who I am making Hoot the Owl for.  How it works is I make 3 people a gift, within 365 days of them registering, and in return they put a post on their blog to invite 3 people to have a gift made by them - paying it forward.

Its a nice way to share the love, and gifts can be anything from Hoot the Owl, to a table runner or a stitchery, Its up to you.

But I have 2 more places to fill so come on - let me make you something nice :)

Just pop a comment on this post to sign up.

Quilted Hugs,  Sue
ps sorry for any confusion, I accidently popped this post on the block swap site and then changed it. :)


  1. Thank you Sue! I am so excited! The owl is SO cute!

  2. wow - what a coincidence!
    I have just posted my second PIF and I would love to be considered for yours, not so much for the gift, but for taking part... of course it is like Christmas when we get a parcel through the post... and from the other side of the World. Oh I'd love that.

    I have just read your profile and I would love to take part on your Quinting Block SWAPs Australia.
    warm wishes

  3. Hi Gina, thank you for being my second PIF member, I would be delighted to make something for you!! Let me know what you would like and I will get to work with the planning. Sue

  4. Hi Sue
    I would love to be your #3 PIF member.

  5. Hi Marie J, I didnt see this till today when i was looking through some past posts. I will pop you an email


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