Friday, November 19, 2010

Chocolate Friday

I have called my post Chocolate Friday rather than Brown Friday as it sounds much yummier, and of course with a name like that I could not resist including some of that yummy stuff on this post.

I have chosen some iconic South Australian choccies - Any one that really knows South Australia will know Haigs chocolates - they are divine, the pic is a half eaten bag of their choc coated caramels, (yum).  Also Menz fruchocs.  I purchased one of these to send to Leona in Florida so she can experience some local treats.  I also could not resist showing off (again) my lovely sewing table, and lastly but not by any means least is my beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Billy.  He is one of the great loves of my life and brings me great joy with his companionship and funny antics.

The other collage is some snippets of quilts featuring Chocolate prints as well as a few blocks I have made and sent to members of my Block swaps group.


  1. I love browns, they are so calming...(and chocoloate so yummy!) It is always amazomg to me how it can be Friday for you, when it is still Thursday for me! :)

  2. Billy is adorable!!! Lots of lovely browns.
    Have a great day

  3. Hello Sue,

    You found a great collection including real chocolate. Billy looks so happy.Love the appliques in the second collage.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Hi Sue.
    Chocolate does sound yummier than brown! And you have included some lovely chocolate.
    Lots of sewing and a great sewing table.
    But of course, Billy is the star!!!

  5. Love your photographs. My parent used to have a King Charles Spaniel, he was adorable.

  6. lovely! now i am off to buy some fruchocs - you have made me crave some!

  7. Lovely looking at your browns..Just love the Lil Blokes..One of my faves...I also have two cavies..Arent they the most faithfully companions...Thanks for sharing the pics.

  8. Hi , I'm a Chocolate addict and a quilting addict too.Love your blog and I wish I could be a member of your quilt blocks swap.


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