Friday, October 22, 2010

Orange Friday

Orange is such a happy colour, and so it seems its a colour I have quite a bit of in my wardrobe.

I do love to paint my nails orange, and I wear a coral shade of lipstick.  I own a fabulous orange leather Coach bag that was a special treasured gift to me a few years ago from DH.  I have quite a bit of orange clothing from scarves to necklaces, and dresses to jumpers. 

I do not however have much in the way of orange in my quilting stash, only Mrs Perkins who is a new member of my quilting life. I like to eat orange fruit especially the lovely mango's that are now in season.  

However I have to say without a doubt our 2 most prized orange items are the Pro Hart print that we had personally signed by Pro before he passed away, and our beautiful orange precious stone parrot that we purchased at the top of Sugar loaf mountain in Rio de Janiero.


  1. Great selection of OrAnGe. Mrs Perkins is my favourite! Have a good day!

  2. Great photo collage. Love the giraffe.

  3. Hi Sue!!
    I too love orange and yes I can see why the Pro Hart and stone parrot are favourites.. both to be treasured.
    Fabulous pics :-)
    Orange is such a happy colour!! Just like your blog.. bright fresh and cheery.
    Happy Colourful Friday xx

  4. Lots of gorgeous orangeness. I adore the parrot.

  5. Your giraffe is very cute - and I love the necklace.

  6. Hi Sue. This is a lovely collection of orange. How lucky to have a signed Pro Hart print! And I can see why you are drawn to choose clothing and accessories in orange. They look great.
    Enjoy the weekend!

  7. Sue, that is such a pretty collage. I like orange and in looking for things to use I realize even though I like orange I don't wear it. Thank you. Lois

  8. Hi Sue, such a lovely, orangey collage. toni xxx

  9. love the photos, especially the giraffe ;-)

  10. lovely lovely! mrs perkins is definitely the star


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