Friday, September 3, 2010

up to speed and a brief family history.

I hope I have not bored you all too much with my journey, but it was important for me to get that all down and catch up to now so I dont feel in limbo starting this blog 4 years into my quilting life.

Today marks Sergio and my 16th wedding anniversary.  I think we have beaten the odds as its both of our second marriages, meeting when our children were quite young certainly had its challenges.

Jess, Daniel and Mitchell

Sergio has Jessica and Nicole (now 27 and 25). Jess is married to Daniel and together they have Mitchell who was born last December13th. Jess had quite a few challenges along the way being hospitalised for 9 months while she did year 11 with Crones disease and ended up having 20cm of her intestines removed. She then had an ectopic pregnancy and lost a fallopian tube and had a lot to overcome to conceive. She has just discovered that her and Daniel are now expecting twins in March 2011.

Sergio's other daughter Nicole is due to have a baby  any time this month with her partner Leigh. Baby is due on Sept 28th but the doctors think it will come early. (more postings on that as it happens)

Kat, Jarrod and Leo
My 2 babies are Sheree (now 25) and Jarrod (24). Jarrod is married to Katherine and they had Leonardo on May 6th this year. Jarrod is a Combat engineer based in Townsville. I know he is highly likely to be sent off to Afghanistan next year and the thought terrifies me, but he is a strong, brave and loyal soldier who is keen to do his bit for our country and a free world. The only good part I can see from this is that while he is away (8 months) Kat will move her and Leo back home to Adelaide for the duration.

Sheree and Alex

Sheree is my princess and lives with her partner Alex in a home unit about 5 streets away from where we live. Sheree is a hairdresser and Alex is a carpenter and together they have been renovating their little home, where they have lived now for just on one year. Here's hoping for an engagement soon followed by wedding bells.

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  1. just caught up on your story - thanks so much for sharing! it is lovely to see your blended family growing with their own have obviously done a fabulous job.


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