Sunday, September 12, 2010

How I spend a Sunday morning in Adelaide

Billy cant wait to get on the beach
I thought I would show my friends how I like to spend my Sunday mornings.  Serg and I love our beach and we try to take time out every Sunday morning (even the cold ones) to walk along the beach.  We dont miss many Sunday mornings, only the really wet and wild ones. Its funny how the dogs seem to know its Sunday morning and start barking at us to take them.

Splashing in the sea
Here are a few snap shots of our favourite beach and our  boys (dogs), Billy the Cavalier, and Robbie the Bichon Friese enjoying the beach. These were taken this morning, it was a lovely perfect sunny Spring morning.   Billy really love the water, and chasing the seagulls, Robbie is just happy to be out with us.
Waiting for the coffee in Mosely Square
We then stop at a coffee shop (Cibo), in Mosely square at Glenelg for a latte and breakfast. 

As both of us are in Real estate and have to work most  weekends (I dont work on Sundays), our Sunday morning time is precious to us. 


  1. lovely lovely lovely! would love to live by the beach one day - good on you for always getting down there

  2. Looks lovely - can I come, too??? I hadn't realized it was so tropical there. Looks like home. :o)



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