Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My first quilt-

I had always wanted to be a quilter, didn't know how or when this would happen but it did.
The day my son and his partner moved into their new townhouse (only 2 km away from us) I suddenly had a spare room which was to become my sewing room.
As it turns out that very day I passed by a second hand furniture shop and as luck would have it there was a Horn sewing cabinet for sale so it was surely meant to be. I purchased this immediately. I had no quilting equipment, I didn't even know I needed any. Just an old Bernina sewing machine that I had received for my 18th birthday - that had not been out of the cupboard in years.

The following week was the Adelaide quilting show so I went for a look and was amazed at the array of fabrics for sale, and fabulous quilts on display - I was STAR STRUCK.  I purchased a pack of co-ordinated country fat quarters and a pattern to make a quilt with roosters on it.  I have always had a love of all things country even though I live near a beach - close to a city.

I sewed the cut out roosters on with a small zig zag stitch all in black (without the use of viosifix ) - I hadnt heard of that yet.  I cut the sashes with scissors and wondered how the quilters did it so beautifully.  I then hand quilted (with big ugly stitches) in the ditch around each Rooster.  I never knew about binding a quilt, I just cut the back piece larger that the front, folded it over and stitched it in place.

The quilt is dated in pen as being completed in January 2007.   I had read somewhere to label your quilts so I wrote on the back of the quilt in laundry marker. Luckily somewhere during this time I signed up for a subscription to Australian patchwork and quilting magazine and read each magazine cover to cover.

I am still quite fond of this quilt, it lives on my recliner in the lounge room and is a beautiful reminder of how far I have come in a very short time.


  1. Hi Sue thank you for telling your story
    it is nice to learn about how other people got started in quilting
    hugs Beth

  2. Love the story of your introduction to quilting!

  3. love it! and look forward to following your personal quilting as well as the swap!
    love your background too!


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