Saturday, September 4, 2010

Moda quilted tote bag

Laying out the side panel design
I purchased a "bargain" Jelly roll on ebay a few months back with no plan of what to do with it.  Its " Recipe for friendship" by Mary Engelbert (for Moda) and the design is predominantly featuring cherries.   Its a discontinued line and hard to find any fabric to match to make into a quilt so I needed a project that would use just the jelly roll
Joined into pairs
Scrolling though jelly roll patterns I found one for a tote bag using a jelly roll that I liked

Here is WIP so far.

then into strips

Firstly I chose my side panels and cut them into 2.5 inch squared that were laid out into a design, then joined these into pairs and then into strips which were sewn together to form a front panel for the bag.  I repeated this with similar prints in blue for the back panel for the bag. Each panel was then edged.

I am really pleased with how nicely my squares all lined up, my cutting and sewing must have been accurate for once.

perfect seam joins

Next I made the end side panels by stitching together 3 lengths of jelly roll strips, and repeated this for each end of the bag.  I did the base in the same way.

2 x side panels

The stage I am up to now is the quilting,  each section is quilted individually and then all of the pieces are joined together.  More postings to follow as the bag takes shape.

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  1. It looks like you put the fabric to GOOD use. Will come in very handy I'm sure!


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