Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I am not feeling well

Some time ago Serg bid at a charity auction to win a weekends training (physical) with Shannon Ponting (biggest loser), and we won.  So off we went to Sydney on the Anzac Day weekend to "work out".  Shannon is a great bloke - but man o man he killed us.  We had the whole weekend with him and his wife Kylie, driving around with him (in his Porsche), visiting his house, breakfast, dinner - the whole bit.  He even took us to a charity surf event where we met, among other celebs, Cathy Freeman, Shannon Noll, Dicko, Elaine Perry, Mathew Newton etc. 
The weekend got us pumped and we started jogging etc when we got home, but as winter hit we slackened off.  Now I had not ran since high school so this alone was a major event.  Now spring is here, Serg and I have joined up with a personal trainer. We have been going 4 times a week in a bit to get fitter and slimmer.
 Sadly today I cant go as I have the flu. Probably due to being caught in the rain last Saturday and getting drenched. But here is a pic of us with Shannon at the surf carnival at Dee Why beach in Sydney last April.  This alone is reason to feel better.

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