Friday, September 3, 2010

2010 - busy busy busy and the start of Quilting block swaps.

Well I have nearly caught up to now......
At the beginning of 2010 I enrolled in a course to make a quilt called Pathways to the Well by Elizabeth Camping.  It is an oriental styled quilt as most of Elizabeths work is Oriental.  She has won numerous awards at National quilting shows and is a fellow South Aussie. 
The course was at Patchwork by Sea at Brighton, about 2km from where I live and was for a full 2 days.  My sister in law Margaret loves all things Oriental and she turns 60 later this year so the idea was to make this quilt as a gift for her.   

I also had read about quilting swap groups in magazines and was quite interested in this concept.  I googled this and spent days scrolling through lots of postings unable to find anything local.  Also many postings were several years old and the swaps long finished.   Eventually I stumbled accross a post called Quilt block swaps ran by Sandi Jahn in Florida and emailed her. Low and behold I got a response and was invited to join up which I did.  Sandi and I have become firm friends often sending each other lenghty emails of our daily trials and tribulations. Sandi did my first swap - a block that is featured in the Friendship quilt that I am making.  
After doing a few swaps with the group of US and Canadian based women I decided I would try to get my own group underway.  So I started a blog (in April) and posted an ad on the Australian Quilting magazine website.  Teena and Cathy both found me and we did our first swaps in May  We were off!!

My fabric obsession was getting a bit out of hand so after seeing my daughter sell off lots of old clothes easily on ebay I gave this a try to sell of some quilting patterns I had used and odd bits of fabric from my stash that I was never likely to use and leftover pieces from completed projects.  I use the money I make selling fabric to fund more fabric purchases.  In with each sale,  I included a note inviting them to join me in the block swap group and this is where Maree (since withdrawn), Leena, Cheryll, Rosemary and Paola came to join  I am not sure exactly how or where all of the other members have come from but I am assuming they have seen my posts on the members blogs and word has got around which is fabulous. (If you are reading this maybe you can share this with us on the Quilting swap blog).

I started out by swapping with all new members as an introduction and welcome to the group, but with volume of new members that did their first swaps in August and September I have had to share this around.

May 6th  this year saw the birth of my second grandson Leonardo.  Jarrod and his wife Katherine live in Townsville as Jarrod is an engineer in the Army.  My husband Serg and I spent 2 glorious weeks with them in May just after Leo was born, and ended the holiday with 4 days in Palm Cove (just north of Cairns) and spent a day snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef which was amazing.  Leo is pictured here showing off his personalised quilt.  He also received Noah and Friends wall hanging from a BOM.  - I forgot to photograph it so will have to get Kat to do this and email me a pic.

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  1. It must have been FATE that I purchased from you Sue at that point in time. I've never been in a group so to join this block swap was something really different for me...but THANKS to you....I LOVE it!!


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